Team GSUS would like to thank everyone involved with Lords of the Swords.

We all had an amazing but painful weekend, some of the challanges are crazy!
It was great to experience what a small mini skating road trip would be like and to skate parks
that we have not skated in the past. A couple of them we’d all love to go back with a bulldozer
(nods towards Maldon)!
We all had a blast and we all hope that you enjoy our edit.

Our team consisted of:

Chris Owens – GSUS Owner / Cameraman
Dec Fitch – Cameraman

Kieren Turner – Team Captain / Member
Aaron Cole – Team Member
Aaron ‘Sparky’ Jacyna – Team Member
Ben Newman – Team Member
Cody Tournay-Godfrey – Team Member
Archie Miles – Team Member
Max – Cheerleader

GSUS Merch –

See you next year!