Filmed by: Lewis Austin, Owen Hoare, Jude Spencer, Peter Davies, Elliot Wright, Matt Blunderfield, Fern Norfolk, Craig Spencer & Craig Smith.

Edited by: Lewis Austin, w/ help from Fern 


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Lords of the Swords 2022 was an absolute banger this year & the homies from Team ChewBunga absolutely sent it to bits in the name of the Bunga!

Jude Spencer, @skaterjude_the_dude

Owen Hoare, @owenthegibbon

Peter Davies, @rabrabshishkebab

Elliot Wright, @elliotoscotoroto

Lewis Austin, @_lewis_austin

Matt Blunderfield, @matt.blunderfield

If you haven’t heard of Lords of the Swords, it’s a sick competition that goes down every August bank holiday across Essex Skateparks.

You get a challenge book with challenges for Hella skateparks, plus some mad challenges from food to flips. complete as much as you can over the weekend and bang it into a 15 minute edit !

So proud of the Chewbungas this year was such a rad time, memories were made and we pushed our skateboarding to the limit ! 

Please show your support and vote for us on the Lords of the Swords website 




You better believe we will be back next year! And a huge thank you to Luke MacDuke for putting this sick Skateboard competition every year !