Pasty Attack Force

Reasons to vote for the Pasty Attack Force:

Video is only ten minutes long, you can use the other 5 minutes to do some stretching.

We’ve all got sections so you can fast forward the tricks of your mate who sent you this link.

We first won in 2012 so it would be lovely to do it again ten years later.

A mix of unpreparedness, growing older and the blight of weekend working meant we were down to four for most of the weekend, but the team still managed to get 8325 points. We tried to mainly go to new places this year and definitely found some new favourites.

Shout out to Joe at Soap for his hospitality and Luke as ever for the massive amount of effort that goes into organising this thing. You are appreciated!

This year’s @PastyAttackForce are:

Louis Farrow

Dr Philip Laurence Barrett PhD

Darrell Utley

Aj Martin

Max Campbell

Dave Meacock 

Filmed by the team, edited by @JimStyling