Edits for 2017

  • Weath Dish

    We all skated and filmed together Alex Kirk David Flesher Kyle Mortley Ross Neall Ollie Parkin Jay Flemming Ross edited the video
  • Beer & the Bitches 3, 3times the suspense, 3Times the danger, 3 Times the Heavier

    We’re just here for the beer and the bitches return again and are literally still just here for the beer and the bitches. With plenty of disappointment in this short story about some overweight almost 30 year old guys who have nothing better to do than hang out, get drunk and try their luck with whatever desperate women are about…….wait […]
  • Easy money

    Easy Money is a small skate team out of Clacton-on-Sea and Colchester. Featuring Tom Flanagan, Joe Mills, James Smart, Joe Bradbrook, Jack Bartlett, Soulman Pelemo, Adam Satchell, Zak Lucas, Jason Goode, Ryan Johnson and Reece Hall. Filmed by: James Smart, Jason Goode, Adam Satchell, Zak Lucas, Tom Flanagan, Joe Mills, Reece Hall, Ciaran Warner, Ryan Johnson, Jack Bartlett Edited by: […]
  • Fanta Cruz

    Another year, another great weekend. It’s amazing to see how much lords has grown from meeting the first time by white bar for king of the road Chelmsford as well as witnessing first hand how it can help people become part of the skating community. Can’t wait to see where it takes us next year. Filmed by: Danny Monnoyer Matt […]

    Michael Barrymore’s Skateboarding Dream Team put on their Sunday best as they prepare for another weekend of frolicking in the sun. Fueled by Spanish pop music and too many Mcdonalds they set upon their Essex quest to spread goodwill and merriment far and wide.
  • Only fools

    Eat Skate Sleep Repeat. Only fools, having a blast and having a laugh!
  • PLAYER SLAY and smash shit

    So a few words Play slayer smash shit is our team name and most of the weekend was spent with good friends mostly brentwood and ongar locals. This year we tried to focus more on good footage and tried to make a better looking video while enjoying ourselves as much as possible. Most of the team camped every night and […]
  • Raw iphone footage

    We had fun but half our team bailed out us. RAWiPhoneFootage fuck the rest!
  • soap

    “We are Soap Skateboards, a small team of skaters from the dengie (Burnham-On-Crouch) this is our first year on swords after many years of not entering. Due to work related reasons some team members couldn’t make it 🙁 VOTE FOR SOAP! Team: Jack Mead (AKA Crackheadmead) Joe Gold (AKA Bandanaboy) Steven Percival (AKA Old Timer Steve)”
  • Survive

    August bank holiday means only one thing LORDS OF THE SWORDS! Team suvives first year with the exception of scott who did it last year for the first time. Most of the team from bishop stortford, a dude from Manchester and 1 guy from halstead. The weekend was a blast, going through the book and trying as many challenges as […]
  • The gangs all here

    LOTS8… Eight! Well done to Luke for keeping this going! It’s been a long time since “Chelmsford King of the Road”. It’s also been 5 years since the Pasty Attack Force were crowned winners. Time to get our hands on the silverware (woodware?) again. With two members travelling up from Cornwall the night before, visiting 15 parks over the weekend […]
  • The oddfellas

    Here’s some words about our LOTS 2017 weekend: “This is Oddfellows Skateboards 4th Lords experience, previously entering in 2012,13 and 14. After a few years break we are back and bouncing around Essex in Ralph’s little red Nissan Micra. Recently, work and relocations have made a good old Oddfellows sesh a rare occurrence, so one of the main highlights of […]