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  • Hotbox

    Complete unorganised chaos saved by a pure love for skateboarding – Charlie Martin. Sam costigan Charlie Martin Ed Yeta Joe Brady Jack Ogles Jack mead keeaun Jones

    Team Last Minute ©2019 Lords of the Swords everything was filmed over a 18 hour period our path was to enjoy and skate and destroy shout out to everyone involved and supporting 10 years of lords of the Swords

    Lords of the swords…..10 years of carnage! Great weekend as always! Tired sore bruised and beaten but worth it all for a laugh and good times! Huge thanks to luke for putting it on again and congrats on 10 years!

    The annual Essex King of the Road is 10 years old. We had both old timers and first timers, locals and long travellers. Another absolutely banging weekend and more points than ever. Enjoy the edit! -Bonsai Bill Filmed By Danny Monaghan, Matt Green and Aj Martin. Edited by Jim Styling.

    “NOMADS in the Midlands of Nowhere” We had a merry jaunt to visit our xGARAGEx brothers in peterbourough and had a peep in to what terrain they had to offer! As usual we left a few peices of our selves behind!

    Due to heavy boozing we didn’t get about much but we skated hard and had a sick weekend

    he Easy Money team are stoked to share our Lords Journey with you all! We had another rad weekend travelling around Essex, skating hard stacking clips for the edit, making new friends, camping, partying and pushing our limits on a daily.The Lords community never fails to bring the stoke! We hope you enjoy our story to tell and we cant […]

    Forget crews and collectives, Jeremy Bentham is a full-blown dysfunctional skate family from South Woodham Ferrers, with all the chaos, comedy, bitching, fighting and mad love you’d expect from skaters who’ve rolled together for 25 years. Fathers, sons, brothers, brothers-in-law, best men, next-door neighbours and godfathers – we tried to do a combined team age once, but ran out of […]

    The Sleepy Horsez are a small team of skaters reining from Clacton-on-sea and Colchester, Essex. Lords this year was an absolute blast! We spilled blood, sweat and beers working on this edit so be sure to check it out and drop us a vote. Enjoy! Keep snoozin’, boozin’ cruzin’. Filmed by: Ben Rutherford, Ciaran Warner, Joe Mills, Jason Goode, Reece […]

    a record number of barrymores arrive for their 8th year of merriment, foolery and fun time. slick stuff. enjoy a range of manoeuvres and skids, sensible levels of excitement and mild-to-medium alcohol consumption. buckle up viewers
  • Soap skateboards

    We are Soap Skateboards a team of skaters from the Dengie (Yes there are towns past SWF), we tend to have no filter at all for anything so if you’re someone that gets offended easily this video isn’t for you!
  • Only fools

    Might not be a full squad but we skated, we got injured and we had a laugh. Roll on next year.
  • boyz in da woods

    Boyz N tha Wood are the local team riders from Brentwood, with some fresh faces this year! We went out with 1 simple goal: Skateboard or die trying. We achieved that, but only barely. Special thanks to those who said they’d come with us and then dropped out 3 days before. We couldnt have done it without replacing you.
  • Shift

    Filmed by Zee Edited by Zee Our Skaters: Zee Shah James Larner Alex Lydamore Rob Wye Proudly annoying pedestrians for Lord of the Swords 2018. We went hard this year, visiting Harlow, Bishop’s Stortford, Urbside, Chelmsford, Kobwebs, Stevenage (New and Old), Saffron Walden and Stansted. Vote for Shift, skate and don’t hate.
  • Nomads

    “You can take us out of Essex but You can’t take the Essex out of us”
  • Bonsai

    An amazing weekend, as it is every year. It was great being part of a larger team and being able to build on an already strong community within chelmsford. It was great to see so many people taking part once again and we hope that everyone enjoys the edit!
  • Bar

    We had a banger of a weekend, people should vote cause we lit af
  • Easy Money

    Filmed by: Adam Satchell, Jack Bartlett, Reece Hall, Jason Goode, Josh Lane Edited by: Adam Satchell Team Members: Adam Satchell, Ciaran Warner, Emilio Molave, Jack Bartlett, Jamie Langley, Jason Goode, Joe Mills, Josh Lane, Reece Hall, Thomas Flanagan, Zac Lucas We had another rad weekend Shredding on Lords Of The Swords 2018 check out our Vid and see for yourself. […]
  • Soap

    We are Soap Skateboards a team of skateboarders from Burnham On Crouch, the true skate rats of Essex. we quite literally put our blood, sweat and tears into making this video so please vote and share with your friends. Enjoy our madness!’
  • PORK Swords

    Some steadily ageing Stortford locals enlisted the help of the young park whippersnappers to embark on voyage of rain-soaked skateboarding debauchery. A new clan of warriors was formed. Challenges were attempted, skateboards were snapped, skin was cut & bruised, ball bags were exposed, cheeky Nandos were consumed and most of all, fun was had by all involved. See you next […]

    The Dream Team return for another year of beer, bum cracks and blisteringly ok skateboarding. In this episode, the team keep out of trouble by performing dizzying twirls and high speed aerial manoeuvres. Look out for Harvey’s frontside-halfpipe-wizz-woppers, WOW! Watch as the team skid round Essex and still make it back to Bam’s in time for tea and biscuits.
  • Weath Dish

    We all skated and filmed together Alex Kirk David Flesher Kyle Mortley Ross Neall Ollie Parkin Jay Flemming Ross edited the video
  • Beer & the Bitches 3, 3times the suspense, 3Times the danger, 3 Times the Heavier

    We’re just here for the beer and the bitches return again and are literally still just here for the beer and the bitches. With plenty of disappointment in this short story about some overweight almost 30 year old guys who have nothing better to do than hang out, get drunk and try their luck with whatever desperate women are about…….wait […]
  • Easy money

    Easy Money is a small skate team out of Clacton-on-Sea and Colchester. Featuring Tom Flanagan, Joe Mills, James Smart, Joe Bradbrook, Jack Bartlett, Soulman Pelemo, Adam Satchell, Zak Lucas, Jason Goode, Ryan Johnson and Reece Hall. Filmed by: James Smart, Jason Goode, Adam Satchell, Zak Lucas, Tom Flanagan, Joe Mills, Reece Hall, Ciaran Warner, Ryan Johnson, Jack Bartlett Edited by: […]
  • Fanta Cruz

    Another year, another great weekend. It’s amazing to see how much lords has grown from meeting the first time by white bar for king of the road Chelmsford as well as witnessing first hand how it can help people become part of the skating community. Can’t wait to see where it takes us next year. Filmed by: Danny Monnoyer Matt […]