Bunga bruddas

Lords of the Swords 2021. The whole event has a buzz around it for the whole year. The times that I’ve heard stories’ from ‘Lords gone by’ is testament to that. It’s as if each year is another chapter in the legend.
The event itself kicks off with an opening ceremony and skate battle to get started. The teams get the briefing and pick up the score booklet, which contains a set of challenges and details of points that can be won for all the skate spots in the county. There are so many more challenges and spots than any team could possibly tackle and so the first thing you need is a plan! How can we get to the most spots and bust out the raddest things without wasting all our time traveling?
Although it’s framed as a competition and there are ‘winners’, you win by just taking part. The true essence of it is to have a rad time with your friends before the crappy weather kicks in. It’s like Christmas for skateboarding, where the blood, sweat, and shared experiences are the real presents. What’s better than seeing one of your mate’s land something that they didn’t think they could do an hour before?
Some quotes from our team…
“I hate skateboarding, but I love pom poms” Scott ‘King Roller’ Doyle
“This was my first lords of the swords and I had the most epic times with my homies. We all learnt some new bangers laughed loads and bled more, bring on the next year !!!” Lewis ‘Bunga’ Austin
“God bless Woody and all who rode her!!!” Matt ‘Disaster’ Dolding
“Even though I couldn’t skate due to an injury, I had a great time with some great people! Can’t wait till the next one! Noodle tits” Jimmy ‘One-Foot’ Prince
“I had some amazing new experiences, that I otherwise wouldn’t have had. The highlight was wearing the cheerleader clothes. I’ll definitely explore that more” Seiya ‘Nugget’ HC
“Lords is like Sex with Swords. I Like Sex” Curt Smith
“Everyone just killed it! Even I surprised myself a couple of times. Was a privilege to skate roll with such a rad team and to witness some absolute bangers!” Pete HC