Soap skateboards

We are Soap Skateboards a team of skaters from the Dengie (Yes there are towns past SWF), we tend to have no filter at all for anything so if you’re someone that gets offended easily this video isn’t for you!


  1. Matthew 28th September 2019 Reply

    The best

  2. Angelica 28th September 2019 Reply

    Lords of swords rule 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  3. Tcup 29th September 2019 Reply

    These guys are legends.
    Down to earth lads with big hearts and big goals.

  4. Alison 1st October 2019 Reply

    Lovely bunch of lads – good luck

  5. Latoyah 2nd October 2019 Reply

    Hairy ass inbred motherfuckers. You boys are wack. That lil rabbit dinn do nuttin chu.

  6. Latoyah 2nd October 2019 Reply

    Hell I bet none of y’all fools are even circumsised.

  7. Prendy 3rd October 2019 Reply

    Your obviously an american inbred motherfucker yourself Latoya as 1; most of them probably arent circumcised as they are from england and english men dont need to make thier dicks look bigger 2; you cant fucking spell for shit 3; you cant read either as it’s called road kill… says it in the vid. The rabbit was already dead better to eat it than it get mangled in the road somemore.
    So rather than try to shit on someones hard work….. go fuck yourself!

  8. Latoyah 3rd October 2019 Reply

    Yo P? If chu are into smegma and shit, have at it. Limey dirty assed teeth nigga

  9. David 3rd October 2019 Reply

    Yo that rabbit was dead on the side of the road before we ate it we didn’t kill it so chill man don’t get your nickers in a twist

  10. Latoyah 3rd October 2019 Reply

    Prendy don’t be lecturing me about my English mofo when ya can’t even get my name right . You don’t drop the ‘H’ scrub. Some more is two words. Dumb-ass bitch.

  11. Josh 3rd October 2019 Reply

    Just because someone has a foreskin doesn’t mean they have smeg 😂😂 people are capable of pulling back and cleaning. Guess you Americans are too dumb to realise that. Good luck with your genital mutilation.
    Also it was road kill and was literally a challenge in the book.

    What a retard

  12. Latoyah 3rd October 2019 Reply

    @josh calling me a retard with a name like that? From England? Y’all parents are on some fucked up shit. Nigga please….

  13. Alicia Whitehorne 3rd October 2019 Reply

    Im the PETA rep for the Dengie area and quite frankly this is disgusting. Yes it’s roadkill but you are promoting violence against animals with your actions. You should hang your heads in shame.

  14. Benjamin O’Hare 3rd October 2019 Reply

    Hey! really liked the edit guys, especially when you gave that board away and all signed it.
    But did you really have to mutilate that poor rabbit on film? ☹️

  15. Mr E Fudd 3rd October 2019 Reply

    Love the edit guys! Fuck dem wabbits!

  16. Donnie Darko 7th October 2019 Reply

    This is really triggering

  17. Valerie 12th October 2019 Reply

    Who do you pompous pricks think you are signing a little kids board like your some sort of professionals? Dirty dengie inbred C***s !

  18. Valerie 12th October 2019 Reply

    You country yokel fucks are all the same eating germ ridden road kill and never getting your hair cut! I bet you all fuck and Marry your own sisters and cousins !!!

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