Forget crews and collectives, Jeremy Bentham is a full-blown dysfunctional skate family from South Woodham Ferrers, with all the chaos, comedy, bitching, fighting and mad love you’d expect from skaters who’ve rolled together for 25 years. Fathers, sons, brothers, brothers-in-law, best men, next-door neighbours and godfathers – we tried to do a combined team age once, but ran out of numbers. Quite why a such a backwater for culture and cool as SWF should have a thriving slate scene is beyond us. We just embrace it, and hope you do too and watch our edit. Oh, and why ‘Jeremy Bentham’? Google it, you’ll like the man (just avoid the pub)…


  1. Jeremy’s corpse 27th September 2019 Reply

    Bentham for the win.

  2. Roger 27th September 2019 Reply


  3. Karen 27th September 2019 Reply

    Great tricks and a really good video.
    Excellent music – almost like the music was choosen first and the skating set around the tracks.
    Love the fact these guys have been skating together for 20 years!

  4. Big Lez 28th September 2019 Reply

    this vid makes me want to just go out and jam with my mates. kick about n that. good vibes.

  5. Barnsey 28th September 2019 Reply

    Excellent film guys, barnsey!

  6. Sharon 28th September 2019 Reply

    I’ve watched this over and over! Such a
    Wonderful edit and a bunch of handsome young fella’s there skateboarding is spot on with music!! Does anyone out there know anything about Phil? Is he married or dating? (PHIL IS SUCH A HUNKXXXX)

  7. Robin 28th September 2019 Reply

    Legendary performance by the SWF team!

  8. Karen 28th September 2019 Reply

    Fantastic in video n music

  9. Sharon 28th September 2019 Reply

    Loved this video is by far the best from this year’s edits! Don’t really understand the other teams and to be honest I won’t watch there’s anyway(to much hair) anyway well done lads and I’ve got you for the win!!!!. P. S anyone know anything about this Phil character? Is he married, dating? (what a hot piece of ass!! (huba huba?)

  10. Marc Sheehan 29th September 2019 Reply

    Loved this! Outstanding soundtrack, lots of familiar faces. Loving what you’ve been doing for years! Will watch again #teambentham

  11. Brush 30th September 2019 Reply

    Awesome editing, Rad skating and a group of mates with an unbreakable bond! SWF skaters were the ultimate teenage-hood! Gutted I was away when the main filming happened.

  12. Tina (from finance) 1st October 2019 Reply

    I recently watched this with the girls and a few bottles of Prosecco and we really enjoyed it. The only criticism we had was that there was a bit too much of that dog headed bloke. Phil is it? On the other hand we were debating how big that studly fella Jamie’s cock is and how quick it would take for your knickers to melt from one look from their Spanish mate

  13. Lenny 1st October 2019 Reply

    Lenny Titmouth

    I like it when the lads don’t wear their T-shirt’s.
    Especially Smiffy! Hmmmmm, Break me off a piece of that!

  14. Lisa 1st October 2019 Reply

    Just to confirm on phil’s relationship status that he is happily in love with me! so keep your skanky hooker hands off!
    Also great edit guys xoxo

  15. eddyB 1st October 2019 Reply

    swf legends coming through, in it for the win an clearly had the most fun

  16. Jake 1st October 2019 Reply

    Great work guys! Absolutely love this! It has a proper Woodham vibe about it. It’s almost as if those days never went away…

  17. Barry Norman 2nd October 2019 Reply

    The “feel good” movie of the summer! Exceptional.

  18. Barry Norman 2nd October 2019 Reply

    Tom Playles breakout part is a true tour-de-force

  19. Latoyah 2nd October 2019 Reply

    Damn…ya’ll skateboarding ass niggas are sexy as fuck! Look at y’all with ya flick kicks and shit. Fine ass niggas, damn…

  20. BIG LEZ 2nd October 2019 Reply

    Ive slept with at least 4 of these men.

  21. Duncan McOkiner 3rd October 2019 Reply

    This video cured my autism

  22. Andrew 10th October 2019 Reply

    Made me wanna shred! Rad video!

  23. Chris Stephenson 11th October 2019 Reply

    You know me, I’m the one who can get you a skateboarding ramp and if I see that kind of behaviour again, you’re gonna get fuck all! You understand me?!

  24. Mustafa Slacksack 23rd October 2019 Reply

    Nice work, enjoyed that. Can someone please tell me if Dolph Lundgren is still living at the top of Celeborn Street please? Man his films were dope. I miss playing knock down ginger at his place when we were kids. He used to come out throwing reverse roundhouses and shit. Ahhh, special times.

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