The oddfellas

Here’s some words about our LOTS 2017 weekend:

“This is Oddfellows Skateboards 4th Lords experience, previously entering in 2012,13 and 14. After a few years break we are back and bouncing around Essex in Ralph’s little red Nissan Micra. Recently, work and relocations have made a good old Oddfellows sesh a rare occurrence, so one of the main highlights of the weekend was simply being able to meet up and enjoy skating together. Other special mentions go to Sam’s whiskey-in-hand onslaught of the A13 corridor, leaving an aroma of burnt urethane and the wails of crying scooter kids in the air between Stanford-No-Hope and Shoeburyness. New addition Mark Richardson dazzled with extraordinary juggling skills and an unexpected chin of steel. Also Chris’s axle stall on the Basildon carpark wall – gnarly as fudge by our standards! The whole team dug deep and found receipts for tricks long thought lost. We rolled back the years in an all-terrain assault of park and street oddities across the home county. The only low point being knowing we’ll have to wait til next years competition to have such fun knackering our haggard knees again. Cheers lads and lords, bring on 2018!”