Just here for the beer and the bitchs


We’re just here for the beer and the bitches return again and are literally still just here for the beer and the bitches. With plenty of disappointment in this short story about some overweight almost 30 year old guys who have nothing better to do than hang out, get drunk and try their luck with whatever desperate women are about…….wait this is a skateboarding video? No wonder we didn’t win last year! O well better luck next year.
Make sure you watch all the way until the end, a sexy surprise awaits!

In conclusion, last year we skated for 2 days and had 3 people. This year we had more people and 3 days. Somehow we have made a worse video. Feel free to like this video over everybody else’s, because let’s face it, we’re all really only here for the beer and the bitches, aren’t we?